Softub Re-skinning Service

Softub Re-skinning

We all know and love Softubs reliability and durability and that our tubs last for years and years.

However we do appreciate the scenario of your tub working fine but being in need of a revamp or liner repair, we are here to help.

We can offer full or partial reskinning services by our expert team who can bring your Softub back to life making it usable again or just purely more stylish with an upgrade in colour. 


Fitted Cost

(Mileage/collection costs extra)

T300 Full Vinyl Kit -(Tub/Lid/Hydromate/Hose Covers)


T220 Full Vinyl Kit -(Tub/Lid/Hydromate/Hose Covers)


T140 Full Vinyl Kit -(Tub/Lid/Hydromate/Hose Covers)


Choose your options:

Home Re-Skin

We can offer a reskin of your Softub at your home, our friendly team will visit your home, reskin your tub in approx 1 day

(Please note: This service is restricted to weekends only)

Collection Tub Service

We can also collect your full Softub from your home and bring it to our techicians here at Simply Softub for a full re-skin

  • *Service offered for £150 within 75 mile from TS27
  • *We will arrange collection of your Softub on a day that suits you
  • *Our expert technicians will reskin your tub
  • *Should any parts be diagnosed need of repair/replacement, you will be called with a quote (including parts and extra labour) before any extra work is done
  • *Your newly reskinned tub will be deilvered back to you and installed by our team
  • *Further distances also available, please email for quote

Please note: Any other required parts needed such as jets/gaskets/lid inserts which may be needed will be charged extra at the website rate -10%