Why Buy A Softub ....

Feel Great!!!

With regular use, a Wellness Softub can bring more vitality into your life. The warm water massages encourage your blood circulation and activate your body’s own natural healing powers. Back and joint problems are alleviated through hydrotherapy and the metabolism is stimulated, improving your health and well-being in general.

A soak in a hot tub helps to release endorphins, naturally reduces pain, and creates the feeling of happiness and contentment; when the body is relaxed, the mind can find it easier to unwind and worries simply fade away.

Theheat of a hot tub also increases the body temperature, allowing blood vessels to expand and to absorb more oxygen. Breathing becomes deeper, helping to clear sinuses and lungs, meaning your Softub can be an effective treatment for colds and asthma.

In water, the body only weighs around 30 % of its actual weight. This reduces pressure on strained muscles and injured joints. Therefore, a Softub massage does not only relieve tension – it also helps in the recovery process of overburdened body parts. The buoyancy can even be used as a treatment against chronic and rheumatic diseases.

Hot tub sessions are also recommended for non-physical conditions such as insomnia. In addition, targeted applications can be used to improve circulation and assist in the treatment of diabetes. What is more, sessions in your hot tub help to keep the skin’s blood vessels and the connective tissues elastic and healthy, helping you look younger and more radiant.

Depending on the focus of the individually-adjustable massage jets, a Softub can provide preventing future as well as easing existing, physical ailments.


Effective against neck problems and shoulder tension

Helps with shoulder traumas, Also acts against tension headaches.


Has a stimulating effect on and under the skin.

Effective at treating swellings, dislocations,
strains, sprains and muscle tears

Uses hot water and massage to relieve pain


Effective at treating problems with mobility and bending down Effective at treating herniated discs

Prevents irritation of the sciatic nerve  •Relieves the pain of slipped discs


Effective against lower back pains •Helps with painful Spondylolisthesis




Whisper technology has revolutionised the world of hot tub motors: by re-using generated heat, the ‘virtually silent’ motor’s energy consumption is reduced to a minimum and the pump’s decibel output is reduced to nothing more than a gentle murmur. Whisper technology really is something to shout about!


Intelligent technology: with the Smartchip, Softub hot tubs overcome any issues which might arise from network associated voltage fluctuations. If the chip registers a surge, all electronic components within the hot tub are automatically switched off. This protects the equipment from all the risks associated with power cuts.


The ‘Hydromate’ combines the hot tub’s pump, motor and heating into one unit. Thanks to the clever arrangement of these technical components, the pool’s water can be heated by the motor’s excess heat. This environmentally friendly process reduces power consumption to less than a microwave needs to heat a meal.


Every Softub’s Ozonator filters the tub’s water automatically twice a day. Using the oxidation effect of the ozone, the water isn’t just hygienically clean as a result – it’s also crystal clear. As a consequence, the need to add water treatment is greatly reduced and general maintenance minimised.

Softub spas stand for individuality, environmental friendliness and maximum flexibility – a way to relax and unwind from the stressful hustle and bustle of everyday life.

1. Portable

Lightweight, easy to use, simple to install: Since Softub is the world's most portable spa, there are no limits as to where you can install it.

2. Hygienic

The automatic purification function of the Softub Ozonator aids intensive and hygienic water purification so that you can relax in crystal clear, high-quality water every time you take a bath!


3. Quiet

Relax and enjoy some peace and quiet! Advanced Whisper technology makes Softubs the quietest spas in the world. For hours of relaxation in soothing silence!

4. Flexible

The tub's round shape ensures maximum flexibility: This spacious spa provides freedom of movement and lets you sit, lounge and recline in whichever position is comfortable for you.


5. Energy efficient

Softub spas are market leaders when it comes to the use of heat recovery technology. The Hydromate incorporates pump, motor and heater into a single unit. The filtered water is warmed using heat generated by the motor, reducing energy consumption to an absolute minimum.

6. Comfortable

When it comes to comfort and relaxation, Softub spas can't be beaten! The soft but firm Polybond foam interior provides optimal comfort and support in any position and makes the Softub as cosy and comfortable as a leather sofa.


7. Weather resistant

Come rain or shine, not matter whether it is freezing cold or red hot– Leathertex, the robust outer material, can withstand almost any weather conditions. Softubs stand for durability with colours that won't fade over the years.

8. Stylish

Beautiful and tactile materials, modern exterior colours and practical, stylish accessories – a Softub is the quintessence of design, style and superior quality.


9. Solar

Thanks to a Softub's unrivaled energy efficiency it can also be operated using solar power. Both a solar power source integrated into the household grid as well as an off-grid stand-alone solution are available for Softub spas.